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Enrollment Information

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Begin Your Future at KTEC High School

KTEC High School is accepting applications for all Kenosha County students in Grades 9-11.

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Begin Your Future at KTEC High School

KTEC High School is accepting applications for all Kenosha County students in Grades 9-11.

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KTEC High School is a tuition-FREE public school option for Kenosha County students.

Students who enroll at KTEC High School earn certifications that align with competencies identified by the building trades, transportation, information systems, or automation and robotics industries as being skills in high demand.

Why Choose KTEC?

KTEC offers personal, one-on-one learning with teachers, professionals, and industry leaders in a small class environment. We use project-based learning to teach essential industry skills, preparing students for Industry 4.0 careers. KTEC ensures students have foundational knowledge and industry insight, preparing them for broader employability.

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FREE College Credits and Certifications
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Graduate Career Ready
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Build Your Professional Network
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Avoid College Debt

A Student’s Journey at KTEC: A Father and Son’s Perspective

Hear directly from one of our students and his father as they share their personal experiences at KTEC High School. Discover why they chose KTEC and how our unique approach to education has made a difference in their lives.

Want to see more?


Want to see more?

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“Should he choose, he can move right into a career after high school… Even if he does not, the practical knowledge he will gain can serve him in any role he chooses later in life.”


Career Pathways

KTEC High School has been working with Gateway Technical College, NC3, Festo, and Snap-On, and local industry to create career pathways to support our students’ career development.

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What Sets KTEC Apart

It is more important than ever to go beyond STEM education; for students to have a foundational knowledge of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

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“I think he will acquire skills helping him find a job or trade right out of high school. It will also give him a chance to figure out what career path to follow which will help him follow a path to what he will enjoy as a career.”

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How to Enroll

KTEC High School Enrollment/Lottery Process

The online application is simple and quick. Interested students will need to submit a form before the application deadline. The enrollment/lottery period will be held at the beginning of each calendar year for the following school year. Acceptance letters will be sent to families once the application window is closed. If there is an abundance of students, a waitlist will be created.

1. Fill Out a Lottery Application

To enter your student(s) for 9th, 10th, or 11th grade, complete the lottery application by clicking the button below.

2. Check Your Email

Within three business days, you will receive an acceptance email and enrollment paperwork for the 2023-2024 school year.

3. Complete Enrollment Paperwork

Complete the acceptance form and enrollment paperwork to secure your spot. Email completed paperwork to [email protected] or drop off at KTEC High School within seven days.

4. Spot Secured

Once you have returned your enrollment paperwork, monitor your email for registration instructions in August.


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