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KTEC High School is at the forefront of bridging education with real-world experience through its innovative Youth Apprenticeship Program. In collaboration with CESA 6, this initiative is paving the way for high school juniors and seniors to dive into the professional realm while earning and learning.

In Wisconsin, the Youth Apprenticeship (YA) program is a unique opportunity for KTEC High School juniors and seniors to dive into their future careers while still in school. This 1- or 2-year initiative allows students to split their time between the classroom and real-world work, gaining both academic credit and paid work experience under the mentorship of local Kenosha businesses. It’s a chance for our young community members to get a head start in their careers, and for local employers to guide and potentially shape their future workforce.

Upon successful completion, each apprentice receives an Occupational Skills Proficiency Certification, a testament to their preparedness and skill level for their chosen field, recognized across Wisconsin. It’s more than just a program—it’s a bridge connecting KTEC High School students with their careers and the Kenosha community with its future leaders and professionals.

KTEC High School student, Gavin, is currently an apprentice at Auto World in Kenosha.

KTEC High School student, Gavin, is currently an apprentice at Auto World in Kenosha.

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Program Key Components

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Related Instruction

Students must enroll and completion 1 high school credit or 3 college credits of related concurrent instruction for each year that they are enrolled in the program.

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On the Job Training

Students will complete 450 hours of training within their career area of interest under the guidance of an experienced mentor. This averages out to 10-20 hours per week.

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Progress Evaluation

Students receive high school credit for the Youth Apprenticeship experience. Employers provide feedback on the employability and technical skills throughout the program.

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