“The makers and the fixers create the fabric of the society we enjoy.”

-Nick Pinchuk-
Chairman and CEO, Snap-on Incorporated


“The relationship between Snap-on and KTEC has been a wonderful example of a partnership between education and industry. Our typical partnerships with educational institutions start in high school or college, but our partnership with KTEC has taught us a great deal. As KTEC’s students are younger than those with whom we typically interact, our expectations for these students did not match the reality of their capabilities. Working with these students has helped us to not underestimate the potential of 4K through 8th grade students’ eagerness, ability and creativity. We look forward to seeing the impact made by the students of KTEC.”

— Mr. John Gamble
Snap-on Education Partnerships Manager

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Gateway Technical College

“Gateway recognizes that the skilled and innovative workforce of the future is currently in the KTEC classrooms, so it is imperative these students get the opportunity to explore various areas of interest and learn relevant content; the partnership with NC3 provides these opportunities, and why Gateway is proud to support both KTEC and NC3 in this mission.”

— Dr. Matthew Janisin
Gateway Technical College Vice President,​​
Business and Workforce Solutions

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“In order to close the skills gap in the US, partnerships are critical. Industry and Education must work together to define what current high demand / high wage career paths need in terms of skills. As Festo is both a global leader in manufacturing automation technology and the global leader in technical education, we are constantly seeking key partnerships with educational institutions, like KTEC, to enable students to explore these career paths and develop the relevant skills needed for successful and rewarding careers.”

— Mr. Tony Oran ​
FESTO Vice President of Sales in US and Canada

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