Shaping Futures: Inside KTEC High School’s Collaboration with Gateway Technical College High School Academies

Published On: April 10th, 2024

Students at KTEC High School are provided with personalized learning opportunities from the start of their enrollment through their entire high school experience. Our educators tailor instruction to each student’s individual needs, interests, and learning styles.

Part of their experience includes the ability to tap into the Gateway Technical College High School Academies during the academic day. Gateway offers students the chance to delve into high-demand fields and earn college credits before even graduating from high school, all at no cost to the students. By enrolling in a High School Academy, the student’s high school and school district commit to covering the costs of materials, accident insurance, textbooks, and all tuition and fees associated with the academy. This results in an average savings of $2,436.03 for families! Discover more about the expected costs of High School Academies (link is external).

Moreover, High School Academies facilitate a smoother transition to college by teaching students how to navigate the college environment and providing them with a head start on their career paths.

Students are guided through this process with a Case Management Model, in which they have a point person to help with transitions. This promotes continued success and helps navigate the post-secondary experience, including college.

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We recently sat down with three KTEC High School students participating in this program to share more about their experience.



Blake is currently participating in the SMART Manufacturing track at SC Johnson iMET Center in Sturtevant. He attends classes four times a week at the iMet Center and earned four credits in the fall in Intro to Industrial Controls and Intro to Mechatronics. This spring, he is earning 4 additional credits in Industrial Robot Operation & Program and Basic Industrial Internet of Things.

“The fact is KTEC High School is only focused on you as a person, and your future. They strive to find out what you want to do and help you establish connections. Everything is regimented for a seamless transition between pathways, and you have staff to counsel students at Gateway and KTEC High School to help you.

I get to experience things I will see in the industry, and each class is treated like a standard college class. Everything is built upon each other. All students start with two Gateway classes as Freshmen to create a foundation you can use in different pathways, so you graduate with at least 17 industry certifications,” shared Blake.


Before Rayna transferred into KTEC High School, she noted that everything at her previous school was focused on team building, but here she is respected as an individual and there are high standards to meet. She is currently following the Liberal Arts & Science track, with courses meeting synchronously online via Zoom four days a week. In the spring, she received 6 credits and completed Intro to Developmental Psychology and Speech. This winter, she will receive another 6 credits when she completes Diversity Studies and Introductory Sociology.

Rayna shared, “Other schools want to help but here they are pushing and trying to do everything to help you get where you want to go in life. When I said I wanted to be a nurse, they got me started right away. You’re not just listening for hours on end, you’re participating and everyone is involved. Anyone who is a freshman should be here!

I have enjoyed studying how a child’s mind and a regular person’s mind work, and learning why people are the way they are. My goal is to be a pediatric registered nurse at a bigger hospital.”



Landin also transferred to KTEC High School from a larger technology high school where he felt like he was not receiving one-on-one attention or able to pursue coursework for his career until junior year. He is following the Welding track onsite at the Gateway Technical College Racine Campus, earning 6 credits toward his degree each semester through courses that currently include Gas Metal Arc Welding, Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Metal Fabrication, and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, Print Reading, and Thermal Cutting.

“As soon as I said I was interested in welding, KTEC High School got me set up. They arranged the scheduling right away. Here we get set up for the future. I’ve already gone through stick welding, gas tungsten arc welding, and am now moving onto thermal cutting.

I want to be an ironworker, and my instructor is very proactive in creating connections. It’s not just about taking basic classes; they get you into classes for your future.”

KTEC High School is at the forefront of bridging education with real-world experience through its partnership with the Gateway High School Academies. Schedule a Tour or Enroll Today and see how we’re making a difference in the lives of our students and the broader Kenosha community.

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