Shaping Futures at KTEC High School with Industry Partnerships and CoderZ Collaboration

Published On: December 14th, 2023

Empowering Student Careers with Innovative Pathways

At KTEC High School in Kenosha, Wisconsin, we’re not just preparing our students for the future; we’re actively shaping it with them. Our commitment to career development is exemplified by our exciting collaboration with industry leaders, including our recent partnership with CoderZ. This initiative is part of our broader strategy to offer career pathways that provide our students with a significant advantage after high school.

Tony Oran, CEO of CoderZ, believed so strongly in our students’ potential that it led to a unique opportunity: access to a cutting-edge curriculum focusing on coding with a manufacturing perspective. This collaboration is more than just learning; it’s about engaging with the curriculum in a dynamic, impactful way.

KTEC students are using Python, one of today’s most popular programming languages. This computer programming language is often used to build websites and software, automate tasks, and conduct data analysis. Python is a general-purpose language, meaning it can be used to create a variety of different programs and isn’t specialized for any specific problems. This versatility, along with its beginner-friendliness, has made it one of the most-used programming languages today.

Coderz Class

What makes this experience at KTEC High School so unique?

Our students aren’t just passive learners; they’re active influencers. By learning the fundamentals of coding, they’re also given a rare chance to shape the curriculum they use. Their feedback, delivered professionally and effectively in real-world scenarios, is making a tangible impact.

This level of student involvement in curriculum development is rare and sets KTEC High School apart. Our students are empowered to have a say in their education, impacting what and how they learn.

Coderz Class 1

A Message from Tony Oran, CEO of CoderZ North America

Following a recent feedback session with our students, Tony Oran shared his thoughts: “The presentations by KTEC High School students on the Python Gym course were impressive. Their thoughtful feedback and professional demeanor during the MS Teams session were outstanding. A special thanks to Stacey Duchrow and Angela Andersson for facilitating this. But most importantly, kudos to the students for their valuable insights, which will help us enhance our coding and robotics curriculum. Their average coding interest score of 6 is remarkable, especially for those new to coding. This feedback is invaluable in our mission to improve STEM education.”

Career Pathways: A Gateway to the Future

At KTEC High School, we’re targeting the most in-demand career fields in Kenosha County, including Information Systems, Transportation, Building Trades, and Automation and Robotics. Each pathway offers industry-recognized certifications and Gateway Technical College credit. Our goal is to extend learning beyond the classroom, providing enriching experiences that combine strategic coursework with career-based learning opportunities.

Building Extraordinary Opportunities

Through these partnerships and initiatives, KTEC High School is committed to providing extraordinary opportunities for our students. We’re not just educating; we’re inspiring and preparing our students for successful careers and lives beyond high school.

Join us in this exciting journey as we continue to innovate and provide our students with the tools and experiences they need to thrive in today’s dynamic world. KTEC High School is more than a school; it’s a launchpad for the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

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