KTEC High School is proud to announce the appointment of Principal Brianne McPhee. This fall KTEC High School will be opening its doors at 7400 39th Avenue in Kenosha. Students that enroll at KTEC High School will earn certifications that align with competencies identified by the building trades, transportation, information systems, or automation and robotics industries as being skills in high demand.

Brianne McPhee has been working in education since 2002. Her degrees include a Bachelor of Arts in education from the University of Michigan and a Master of Education in educational leadership and policy studies from the University of Texas – Arlington.

Brianne McPhee began her career with Steven’s Treatment Programs in Swansea, MA in 2002 where she taught the humanities in a residential setting. From there she took on a role as a 7th-grade social studies teacher in the Clark County School District in 2005. In 2014, she started in the Racine Unified School District as an instructional coach for Jerstad-Agerholm School. She then transitioned to assistant principal of Jerstad-Agerholm School in 2016. Most recently, she has served as KTEC’s Assistant Principal since 2019. 

Ms. McPhee has worked to develop and grow the culture and climate of the schools she has worked in. She has been a strong instructional voice at all stages of her career. In addition, Ms. McPhee was named the 2008 Southwest Regional Distinguished Educator of the Year in Clark County School District, and the recipient of the Racine Unified School District Encore Award in 2018. Her varied experience has allowed her to develop and grow throughout the years, making her a great fit for this new role at KTEC High School. 

To learn more about KTEC High School visit www.ktecschools.org or call 262-286-0320.